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The Finland Exchange Team Store is one of our largest and it's paying off for them big time. They earned a 15% donation and have earned the top spot as the organization that has raised the most money through a team store. Check out their page below. Team Stores For All would love to help your School, Club, Team, or Organization raise money while providing top notch apparel and gifts to your members.

Finland Exchange Team Store Example
  • No Minimum Orders

    Each order is created at the time of the order so there is no need for your organization to order a certain number of any item unlike many of our competitors

  • Your Shop is ALWAYS open

    You choose your Start and Stop dates or just leave your shop open for a whole season or school year! Who wants a team store that is only open a week like other stores!

  • Fast Processing and Delivery

    Even though your orders are made to order we still value your customer's time. We boast an average 2 week turn around time from order confirmation to doorstep! No need to wait for the rest of your organization to finish their orders.

  • No Contracts or Organization Minimums

    Our Teamstores are free to your organization. Everything we do with your orders is 100% transparent with no fees or hidden agendas.

  • Free Logo and Custom Designs

    We can create Logos and Custom Designs for your store to help push your store bottom line higher and give you members something truely different and unexpected.

  • Fundraising

    The BEST part of our job is helping your organization raise the money it needs to do amazing things. Talk to us about how you can maxamize your earning potential

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