Off The Post Presents: Handcrafted Hockey

We have compiled some of the best hockey craftsmen from around the United States and Canada. Find the perfect gift for yourself or for your Hockey Head!

  • John Lyons- Ontario, CA

    John, also known as The Hockey Stick Guy, has a huge selection of over 800 sticks in his shop and can make projects in color schemes of any NHL team! We also work closly together to offer color schemes for any of the teams in our team stores. Shop Welcome Signs, Wall Mounted Bottle Openers, Side tables and more.

    Learn more about John and SHOP his collection 
  • Marty Gangler- Illinois, USA

    Marty creates the perfect items for your next BBQ. Shop bottle openers and grill accessories.

    Learn more about Marter and SHOP his collection 
  • Shipping from Craftsmen

    Shipping prices are one of the largest obsticals that stops craftsmen and artists from connecting with customers. Today's norms set up by big companies like Amazon and Walmart were created to drive craftsmen out of the market. At Off The Post we believe in our craftsmen and commit to them that they will not shoulder the cost of shipping. We know you understand because you are on this page- all shipping costs are passed onto the consumer. We realize the costs and promise you that your hand built item will be worth it.